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Skippered Yacht Charter

Posted on 8th June 2020

The Perfect Holiday for the whole crew

Whether you know the ropes or are new to sailing, a skippered charter could be the perfect holiday for you and your family. Before we get underway, we’ll ask you to think about what you’d like to achieve - would you like the chance to relax and let our experienced skipper take the helm or perhaps you are after a more hands-on learning experience?  Either way, FirstAway Yacht Charters can help you plot your perfect holiday.
Relaxing Break
The knowledge that you have a highly trained and licensed skipper, can take the pressure off you. Your main destination (is this what you mean?) maybe relaxing - that’s fine, our skippers are more than ready to take the helm, allowing you to enjoy the sailing experience.
Hands-On Experience
Perhaps you would like a more hands-on experience, maybe even take an RYA course? Our skipper will be responsive to your needs. You may want to be an active crew member or take the helm - you can with the peace of mind of having expert guidance, assistance and knowledge. You determine the route, we will have a discussion prior to your holiday so that when you cast off you and the skipper are working from the same chart. Maybe you want to experience a bigger boat? Build up some sea miles.
Local Knowledge
It’s not just professional sailing know-how our Skippers bring, there really is nothing like local knowledge - not just of tides and passages, but where to give a wide berth, where to go and when. The best fishing spots or bird-watching spots, anchorages, the best bars and restaurants or if you prefer the best-secluded beauty spots. Also with the current restrictions, your skipper will know all the current rules and what is open to the public.
Privacy & Hygiene
Which leads us to the dreaded pandemic that has blighted our horizon for a while. A Yacht Charter presents a unique chance to really get away from it all. At FirstAway we have always taken your health and hygiene seriously. With limited access aboard, our small team of cleaners (no more than two aboard) clean the boats thoroughly from top to bottom. We monitor the health of our cleaners and our skippers, so not only will you have contact with a very limited number of individuals, you can rest assured that everything will be shipshape and Bristol fashion. We would expect the same due care and if you have any health issues we need to know so please contact us. Our skippers have plenty of experience with groups and how to put new crews at ease and respecting their privacy and are also fully up to date in how to deal safely with small groups of people in the current climate.
Our Boats
From a 12 Berth Bavaria 47 ft to Leo  a Westerley Fulmar 32ft we have a boat fit for all your adventures - check out our fleet.

Our Skippers
Our skippers are all commercially endorsed RYA/MCA Offshore Yachtmasters and all are instructors. The skipper can simply be there as a back up in case you get into a situation you feel uncomfortable with or can take on a more instructional and coaching role. If you would like more formal instruction, please let us know.

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